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Better control of multilingual urls in Drupal

This article shows how to get more control with multilingual Drupal URLs. For example you might want certain content to be translatable and other content to always default to the site's default language. Additionally this article shows you how to make sure Google only indexes the multilingual pages you want.

Programming Drupal Part 2 - Create a Hello world page

In Part two we start programming Drupal by creating a Hello World page and exploring some concepts.

Programming Drupal Part 1 - Setting up your environment

The first part of a series on programming Drupal. This is aimed at developers who have some programming experience, though not necessarily of Drupal. We will learn by doing, from setting up the environment to building full pages accessing our own data, and also exploring Drupal APIs and how things are done in Drupal.

Drupal as an enterprise web application framework

Here are the slides I submitted to Munich DrupalCon 2012 on the subject of Drupal as an enterprise web application framework. The idea to show developers and technical decision makers that Drupal isn't just a CMS but could also be considered an application framework for application development.With Drupal 8 using Symfony components it'll be even more so.


How to install Drupal 7 on WAMP

This article will explain how to install Drupal 7 on WAMP, for windows. WAMP is a software package that installs Apache, Mysql and PHP at once and also offers an easy management interface.

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